Monday, April 16, 2007

Being a Grandmother is Wonderful!

I am still basking in the wonder of being a Grandmother and my grandson who has captured my heart. All my friends told me what it would be like but I didn't grasp what it would be like until it actually happenned. It seems like just yesterday that my son was that age and he is almost 29 now! I wish I could see him everyday but I'll have to be content with seeing him every week at least.

I didn't plan on going to see them this weekend to let them get settled and bond in their home with each other. But I got a phone call Saturday morning suggesting that I visit. Seems like the baby did not give them a good night's rest and they were overwhelmed and tired and needed some motherly advice. So I went to their house for the morning and early afternoon and her mother and father showed up later to cook them supper. I think I helped. I do remember that feeling, as if someone had plucked me from my home and put me in the middle of China and I didn't speak the language and somehow I had to communicate with this little person who didn't understand me! It's quite a shock at first. But I know they'll be fine-they just have to go through this new parent's hazing ritual.

I was shaken awake this morning at 3:30 by another tree coming down and knocking out power in this tremendous storm we are having in the Northeast and I had trouble getting back to sleep. So as tired as I will be today I know there are two new parents that are much more tired than I am. But enough already with this weather! It seems we are to skip Spring altogether this year. It was snowing yesterday but at least it changed to rain. I think my feet are starting to get webbed!


  1. I'm sure that they were very grateful for your help, Chris--and it gave you a chance to bond a little more with your sweet grandson! I'm so happy for you. I look forward to hearing more about your new role as grandma. BTW--what will he call you (when he can speak)?

  2. I am so happy for you dear Chris! I know you are all over the moon!
    We all look forward to your stories about the little guy.
    I love being a mom but you know, being an Aunt was almost as good! And I am sure that being a Grandma will be amazing one day. Cingratulations to you all....he is a very lucky boy!

  3. congratulations grandma! Lucky you getting to spend some quality time with him right away.
    I bet you are dreaming in baby blue lately.

  4. Chris, I sure do feel for all of you who have been getting pounded by this nasty weather...ugh! I'm glad you all are staying safe.

    I'm sure you are glowing with the arrival of your new grandbaby! Enjoy it before he's grown, too!

  5. Wow, congrats! You summed up having a new baby exactly. I never ever felt as inadequate as I did when I had a newborn!

  6. What a thrill for you to be enjoying a grandchild - savor every precious, delicious smelling moment *s*


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