Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I've Mastered the Camera!

Finally I have mastered the camera! I usually embrace change but when you get comfortable with a piece of technology and then get that piece of technology changed there is definitely a learning curve. But this is what I asked Santa to bring so I have myself to blame.

It has been a restful time away from work so I have been getting caught up on some of my sewing projects and one of the ones I did was to use more of the Apron Fabric I bought to make this table runner which I have on my kitchen island now. I just love this runner and had fun making it. The red floral fabric is gone but I have more of the red check so that will probably show up in something else along the way. The green fabric is the exact color of the paint in my kitchen and living room and one of my favorites-Ralph Lauren Pueblo. Something new to start the new year with.

Update-I have heard from enough people about a pattern for the table runner so I am posting the link here. It is a free pattern that I got online from Quilt Bus. Enjoy!!


  1. Rebecca (felting in rural Ireland)Tuesday, January 2, 2007 at 3:17:00 PM EST

    The colours are really lovely on the runner.

    I sympathise with the bittersweet arrival of new technology ... I almost chucked my new digital camera and laptop out the window during the 2 weeks it took us to get to know eachother!

  2. The new camera takes great pictures -- there's always a learning curve, but the pay off will be worth it. I love Ralph Lauren paint colors - deelish *s*

  3. Great!! I knew you would! Ooh...they nake such wonderful colors don't they?


  4. Hi, i found your blog while through Libby's blog. Your tablerunner is very nice. I like the fabrics you have used.

    I love the bits and pieces you have picked up at the thrift stores. Perhaps i will have to go and visit my local ones and see what i can find.

  5. Congrats on mastering the new camera. I'm pretty much technology challenged but thank goodness the husband is a techy type.
    Beautiful table runner. You do nice work! :)

  6. And what a great picture! I love the fabrics that you used in your table runner!

  7. I too found this pattern some time ago. Most of my family and friends own a runner in this pattern that I have made them. I went one step more and alot of them got matching coasters. I have now just finished two beautiful blue ones. The last is a variation on this pattern which simplified it even more.
    PS I love your site
    cheers Sue


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